It’s been an interesting 2 weeks. The day my period started, I also started Provera, synthetic progesterone. It has many uses, including to regulate periods. The more I looked into it, the more curious I became that my doctor prescribed it to me. My periods were pretty regular, but I guess she did it because they were short. They average cycle length for a woman is 28 days and mine was closer to 23 days long. As instructed, I started Provera on the first day of my period and I was on a 10 day regimen. One surprise was that my period lengthened from 3 days to 6. I haven’t had periods that long since at least high school. My moods became dysregulated but not to the point of being problematic. I’ve also experienced intermittent spotting, which was pretty annoying but manageable.


I just finished my fertile window and I’m on cycle day 15. DH and baby danced had sex 2 out of the 6 days, as planned. I’m kind of doubtful that I’ll get pregnant this go-round, mostly because I know there was an issue with my HSG last time. My doctor recommended that I schedule a sonogram since my uterus didn’t fill all the way during my HSG. I’m trying to spread these appointments out a bit, but if it’s a no-go this cycle then I may get it done. We’ll see though. In the meantime, it’s time to move again, which means time to whittle our crap down. Yay.



2 months before Dear Husband and I got married, I stopped my birth control. I had been on it for nearly 8 years to help regulate my awful periods. They were so bad that I would vomit at the onset of cramps and frequently missed school. You’re welcome.

Anywho, prior to getting married (when DH was DF), we had a couple of pregnancy scares, which was extra scary considering that I was still in graduate school, but no babies. About 3 months after getting married, we started to really try for a baby. We assumed that conceiving would be as easy as buying pregnancy tests but so far it’s been an ordeal.

For the first 6 months, I tracked my temperatures using a basal body thermometer, which is more precise than a regular thermometer. I also took prenatal vitamins regularly. Nothing.

Then I changed up my diet a bit, trying to eat healthier, in addition to tracking my temperatures and taking prenatals. Nothing.

Month 7, along with everything else, I used ovulation predictor kits. It showed that I was ovulating, but there was yet another negative pregnancy test. At this point, I wanted to give up. I told DH I didn’t want kids because maybe that way I wouldn’t be so disappointed by the negative tests. He encouraged me to press on though.

Month 8, I reached out to a gynecologist. She said it was a little soon to be seeing her for infertility (12 straight months of trying without success is normally the marker) but she agreed to help. I found out that I had a short cycle (25 days as opposed to the standard 28) (I just realized I’m using a lot of parenthesis) and that I may have a short luteal phase. I already suspected the latter when I was temping, aka temperature tracking. Standard luteal phase is 12-14 days and mine was 8-10. One time it was only 7. Having a short luteal phase can be problematic because that means the uterus doesn’t have enough time to prepare for implantation before the menstrual cycle begins again.

Month 9, after the consultation, we had some renewed hope. We didn’t change anything and crossed our fingers that I would get pregnant. Nope.

Month 10, went back to my doc. She recommended that I get a hysterosalpingogram, aka HSG, to see if I had any blockages in my fallopian tubes. My doc said fertility increased in 30% of couples she referred to get an HSG. We had a bit of restored hope when she said that. DH got a sperm analysis done at the same time. The HSG was painful for me because I had a blocked tube. They also found that DH had a slightly low sperm count. All was not lost because Doc said I only needed one working tube. Then we lost hope after another negative test.

Month 11 and 12, I stopped doing everything except taking prenatals. We tried relaxing, not worrying about pregnancy, and baby danced (had sex) less often during my fertile window. 2 more negatives and 1 more trip to the Doc. Month 12 I was having a lot of pregnancy symptoms, which made it all the more difficult when I took the test. She suggested that I start using synthetic progesterone for my short luteal phase, and said I should get a sonogram as the HSG also picked up some sort of blockage in my uterus. As for the symptoms, Doc said I may have ovulated 2 eggs and could have had twins (!).

And that brings us to today. It’s Valentine’s Day and I saw the wrong kind of red. As a result, I’ll schedule that sonogram tomorrow and will yet again get poked and prodded in the hopes of supporting someone for 18 years. I started the progesterone today so I’m hoping I have a more normal period. This last cycle was inexplicably 23 days.

All of this stuff has made me depressed but my attitude has shifted. DH and I are enjoying our time together and with our cat. We’re taking more trips and planning on living in the trendy overpriced part of town instead of in ‘burbs. We’re in our late 20s and we’re taking life one day at a time. With or without baby.


And So it Begins…

Hi! The intent of this blog is to chronicle my journey to possibly becoming a mom, and to chronicle the other random stuff that happens in my life. This blog will be mostly anonymous, so some names and details will be changed up.

Here’s a bit of background:

I live in Florida. I met my husband, who will heretofore (what a fun word) be referred to as Dear Husband, or DH, while I was in graduate school in New England. We met online and have been married for almost 2 years. I’m originally from Florida and like typical New Englanders, his family retired down here. Naturally, and because I was over the 5 feet of snow every winter, we decided to move here.

It sucked leaving our awesome friends behind, but it was nice to be back home. Plus they visit. DH and I love our jobs and are looking to continue growing within our respective fields. We’re also looking forward to growing our little family. We have a cat whom is almost a year old that we adopted last year. Our journey to parenthood has been a little rough, which I will detail in a future post. We’ve been actively trying for about a year and no far it’s been a no go.

My hope is that my blog will give a little comfort to those struggling with fertility to see that they’re not alone. And I hope to make you laugh a little. So there ya go!