I’m Happy, But…

Life is weird.

I went to a home store recently with DH and while in line to check out I counted 8 pregnant women. 8. In the same week, I found out that a friend is pregnant with baby #3 and a relative is pregnant with baby #4.

It gets better.

I learned this week that another relative is pregnant with baby #2.

I’m happy for all of them, but it’s so frustrating that I’m still not pregnant. Granted, this has enabled myself and DH to do whatever we want, such as taking vacations and spending all day out of the house.

Although it feels that literally everyone around me is getting pregnant, I decided to shift my priorities. I had started taking Vitex to help regulate my cycles and assist with getting pregnant, but I stopped it last week. The pills are huge and I’m just over taking them. At the same time, I decided to focus more on my health. I began a weigh loss challenge with a friend and increased my exercise from maybe 1-2 times a week to consistently 3 times week. We started the challenge last week and I’ve already lost a pound. I’m thinking that eating better and working out more may naturally regulate my hormones vs taking the Vitex. We’ll see I guess.

At least football is finally back.


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