Isn’t It Ironic, Dontchathink?

I just looked at my stats and it shows that I started this blog 9 months ago. A little ironic.


A lot has happened since I last made an entry. I’m so bad with updating this thing.

I saw Dr. Q. My hormone levels were fine (including my progesterone -screw you Dr. W). I didn’t get pregnant last cycle, so I went back to the doc 3 days after my period started. It was a little concerning that the doctor I was seeing that day (we’ll call her Dr. P) didn’t really know why I was there (Dr. Q wasn’t in that day but asked that I come in on day 3 of my cycle). I said I had to get my eggs checked or something like that and Dr. P said I had to go across the street to Seventh Circle of Hell Lab to get samples of my eggs to check them out. This is a work day, mind you, and I don’t have time for this. But I go regardless. I open the door and there were a good 20 people there. In line. With another 20-30 waiting to be seen. I really really don’t have time for this. During the 30 seconds I’m in line, I checked to see when the next available appointment was. 4 hours from then. I took off, treated ma’self to a grande caramel somethingorother from Starbucks, and headed to work.

At the end of that week, DH and I went out of town to visit friends and family and to celebrate my birthday. It was nice to get out of the state for a few days and just be in a different environment. During this time, I started Clomid, 50 mg. Dr. Q said he would put me on a higher dose if things don’t work out. We had sex on the scheduled cycle days (it’s really odd to schedule it, but whatever). We’re currently in the glorious 2 week wait window.

Things have been a bit strange. For one, my mood has been swinging more than a blind boxer. For two, over the weekend I had some vaginal dryness that I partly attributed to our beach trip, but it hasn’t been anything like this before. Today I had some thick discharge and my lower back hurts. Normally this doesn’t happen until the day before my period starts, but I’m 3-4 days out. Not to say my period hasn’t come early before. But I feel out of sorts. I had started feeling that way too soon after I finished Clomid. Other symptoms include major fatigue, to the point that I felt I hadn’t slept in days. Thank God we bought the Bustelo party size container.

Now that my birthday is over, I feel a bit more ready to slow down for 9 months. Although this would mean I’d have a kid in the summer. Ugh. #HotAF


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