Going Home

Last week was pretty busy. DH and I celebrated a wedding anniversary and we drove across the state to visit my family. It was awesome being back home and around my siblings and parents. I refilled my Clomid 50 prescription before the trip and took it while we were away. While my dad and DH were talking nerd shit in the garage, mom asked me about how things were going with trying for a baby. I was honest and let her know that we were still struggling.

My mom is forever the optimist so when I said something like “if we have kids” while at the breakfast table, she corrected me and said “when you have kids.” My mom is an amazing woman and we are close, but I felt a bit of a pang after that since nothing has happened in almost 2 years.

A lot of things baby-related went through my mind over the weekend. I’m not sure why, but more than ever I feel like we are ready for a child, even though space is rather tight in our apartment. We’re even transitioning into grown up furniture so our it looks less like we live in an IKEA show room. Nothing wrong with IKEA, but it’d be nice to furniture that doesn’t wobble when moved. We even bought a house plant! By the way, I never knew how much a house plant was a decor game changer.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Energy wise I was pretty wiped from the Clomid and going out with my siblings. We went running Saturday morning but I was struggling hard. I think it was because we didn’t have much of a route and we were running into the wind. That sucked. We only went half the normal distance, which was disappointing but at least we did it. I felt frustrated because it felt like I couldn’t run well due to Clomid, and I was on Clomid because my body can’t support a baby on its own.

However, I have a potential theory. I think I ovulate way early. Based on my cervical mucus lately and some other physical things, this could partly explain why we’ve been struggling. We’ll see how this cycle goes but I’ll keep my appointment to get my eggs checked next month. My next period is supposed to start Christmas weekend. My body has the best timing ever.


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