Jingle Jangle

Last week my goal was to work out 5 days straight. I made it 4 days. I didn’t work out Friday because I had something to do during my usual work out time. Going 4 days straight was much easier than I thought, which was the most surprising part of this grand experiment. I kind of went off the rails meal-wise last week and over the weekend since we had a couple of outings, some unplanned.

However, I worked on resetting this week by doing 30 minute, 300 calorie workout I found online. I’ve done it before and damn near died yesterday since it had been about a month since I last did it, but I felt better afterwards. I also started using whey protein in my smoothies. I did a bit of research over the weekend and it seems like whey protein would be a good avenue to assist with weight loss.

I bought a container of Gold Standard Whey, vanilla ice cream flavor. I put a scoop of it in my smoothie yesterday, which consisted of a handful of spinach, half a banana, some ice, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and peanut butter. The taste threw me off because with the vanilla ice cream and peanut butter flavors, it reminded me of an ice cream flavor at my favorite ice cream place in town. Which is partly how I ended up in this situation. A little ironic.

Anyway, hunger wise I didn’t notice a change yesterday but today I did. I usually eat breakfast between 7:30 and 8:30, and today I wasn’t hungry again until about 1pm. I had a homemade Greek salad for lunch and my hunger was pretty sated for the rest of the day. I’m usually ravenous by 4:30 but I had maybe 3 almonds and was fine. I’m surprised that I felt this full for most the day. It’s kind of exciting though, especially if my weight starts dropping a bit faster than before. We’ll see. I’m planning to incorporate the whey powder into my breakfast daily so for tomorrow I think I’ll try it in oatmeal.

The baby stuff is still on standby. My mood was pretty awful the last few days and I’m not sure why, especially yesterday. I think my hormones being out of whack in addition to poor sleep is probably the culprit. I felt bad for DH and wanted to apologize to him yesterday but I was too angry to do it. I apologized today and he said he knew something was off but wanted to give me space. He’s pretty smart some times. It feels like I’ve evened out today but my fatigue is still strong, even after 2 cups of jet-fuel level coffee. Last week was fertile week and we had sex every 2 days, so I’m wondering if my hormones are off balance from that, and because I’m not on Clomid for the first time in 2 months. All of this is speculative and I won’t have any answers until next week when I finally get my eggs checked. In any event, I hope you all who are celebrating the holidays have a great one!


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