The Quest

I have to say that I’m damn proud of myself. I went out with friends recently to a bar. Instead of ordering my typical heavy beer (8%+) I had a much lighter beer, and only finished half of my appetizer. I’ve had this strange strong motivation to get things done lately. Usually I’m pretty motivated to get things done but it’s pretty strong. For example, I’ve completing some tasks that I’ve been putting off, such as signing up for my licensure exam and getting my name changed on my passport. I’ve also worked out 4 days in a row, with the goal of going 5 days. While at the gym, I’ve been pushing myself hard. Take yesterday. My period started Tuesday so I was feeling rather blah yesterday when at the gym. However, after working with weights I decided to go for it and do a mile run. Unfortunately my time wasn’t great since I wasn’t wearing the right sports bra (more on that in a second) but I still did it and was off my typical pace by about 30 seconds. I’m at about 3 miles this week, with the goal of running 4 miles a week. I’m holding steady at a just-under 14 minute mile but I’m going to start focusing less on running a faster mile and more on distance. I’m hoping to get outside this weekend to continue training for a 5k. I haven’t picked a race yet but I’m aiming for March/April.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good sports bra since I’ve been working out more often. My boobs are on the larger side so it’s hard to find a good bra, not to mention a good (and not super pricey) sports bra. I own 2 decent ones but they’re almost literally hanging by a thread. I have sports bra that are fine for low impact activities but I decided I need to just have all high-impact bras since I may become suddenly inspired to work harder (like at the gym yesterday). After reading a bunch of reviews, I ordered an Under Armour sports bra online. It was described as a compression bra, meaning that it would hold your boobs in as support. Man, when that thing came in the mail I thought I had ordered a large rubber band by accident. I tried it on and it was essentially still a large rubber band, but with shoulder straps. Needless to say, I’m taking that shit back. It was very disappointing since Under Armour makes solid clothes. While waiting on getting my Clomid prescription filled, I went to Target and checked out their selections of sports bras. I bought 3 and will be taking 2 back. One of them is a front-zip sports bra. I unzipped it, put it on, and failed to re-zip it. Then I took it off and re-zipped it, but when I tried to put it back on it was not even trying to fit. Back in the bag it went. Then I tried on another bra with cups and it was nice, except there was an awkward clasp on the back. I realized that if I was having a hard time accessing that clasp when not sweaty, it would be damn near impossible without assistance to get to it post-workout. That one was also a nope. It’s frustrating trying to improve my health but getting stymied by not finding the right support. At least tops and bottoms aren’t as difficult to find, and I did manage to find a well-fitting bra.

Speaking of Clomid, I’m starting the 100mg dose today. I feel like we’re getting close to the end of the baby journey. The doctor wants me to do the 100mg this month and next, and if both fail then we may consider IUI or the trigger shot. I’m drawing the line there. We’ll see how things go.



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