The Results are In

The doctor visit on Friday went okay. Turns out one of my hormone levels was half of what it was supposed to be, which is why the doctor said it was good that I was on such a high dose. And the vaginal pain was just dryness (“just”) and she said it was a normal side effect of Clomid. My ultrasound identified 2 follicles that were the ideal length so the doctor suggested I get an ovulation predictor kit to see when/if I ovulate. I’m skipping it though because I definitely do ovulate. Also found out that my uterus is a little tilted but the tech said that’s nothing to be too concerned about.

Speaking of results, DH and I ran a full 5k on Saturday and my legs still hurt. It was rather cold here and I damn near died on the trail. It’s been about a month since I ran outside and I struggled hard to make it through. Up until Saturday I had been doing about 2 miles at at time in the gym so I was gassed the last mile. I’ve got just under 2 months until race day so I have time to increase my mileage by about 10% a week. On the bright side, I hit my goal of doing 10 miles a week last week!


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