How it Burns

I have terrible heart burn right now. It’s been bad since about last Thursday. I’ve had acid reflux for years, even did 2 rounds of omeprazole back in grad school. But it hasn’t been this bad in at least a year. Diet hasn’t changed much, so I wonder if this is pointing to the P word.


I had a few slices last night as part of Superbowl festivities which didn’t help things, of course. I’ve been resistant to taking Tums because the idea of chewing chalk is unappealing, but also feeling like I swallowed a torch isn’t fun either. I’ve taken the store-brand Pepto Bismol inconsistently over the weekend and that hasn’t done much. If it doesn’t subside, I’ll go to my doctor later this week. As a side note, I’ve been having some pelvic cramps and my period is due Sunday. As another side note, when I talked to my mom earlier this evening she suggested that DH and I start looking at day cares. I wonder if she knows something I don’t. Which would be really weird, but typical of my mom. Sometimes I feel like she has some sort of sixth sense.


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