Ugh, I’m so glad this week is over. Work seriously felt like I was running a marathon, to the point that I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful that it was Friday. There are a number of other things too that have kept me running.

First, buckling down on studying for my licensure exam. We’re officially less than a month out now. I’m a little nervous but studying is going alright so far.

Second, started the next round of Clomid. I had a bit of a moment of panic on Tuesday. It was day 3 of my cycle on Monday and I called as instructed the doctor’s refill line. Nothing. Called again Tuesday and informed them that I was late starting the Clomid. After some research it appeared that it was not a big deal but when the nurse called me later, she said I needed to come in to check my hormone levels. That day. It was like 11:30 in the morning and I told I couldn’t leave my job to get that blood test. She said that if the Clomid doesn’t work then I’ll need to be referred to a reproductive specialist. When she said that I felt like the ceiling started caving in. I mean, I knew that would be the next step but hearing it was hard.

Third, I decided to stop running this week. I’m not injured or anything but I wanted to take a week off and do other workouts. I discovered a neat one last week called FitStar* that links to my FitBit and it’s pretty awesome. The 5k is about 3 weeks away but I don’t do well with routine. I’ll take this week to reset or so but will keep active with other activities.

*Not an endorsement of FitStar. Just sayin.


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