Well, Then

So I think this blog is going to shift more towards health and fitness stuff versus baby things.

I’m just over it. I had to basically harass my doctor’s office for a referral to a reproductive specialist since they couldn’t be bothered to do it. It’s unfortunate because my doctor is wonderful, but the front staff is incompetent.

The referral is now sitting about a foot away from me but I haven’t called to schedule an appointment. Not sure I’ll follow up with the referral because I don’t know if it’d be worth going through the poking and prodding again for nothing. My doctor’s words still ring in my ears; if after 2 rounds of Clomid nothing happens, then the odds are getting pregnant are greatly reduced. Pregnancy odds are already small; I think they peak at 30-35%.  Anyway, I haven’t talked to DH yet about the referral. He’ll support whatever I decide to do but I know how much he wants to be a father. I guess at the very minimum I’ll schedule a consult. But after our upcoming vacation.

Speaking of vacation, we’ll be gone in for about a week soon. I’m pretty excited because it gives me something to look forward to and it feels like DH and I need to physically get out of town for us to not over-schedule ourselves. In the mean time, I was hoping to lose about 10 pounds prior. It’s not impossible, but it’ll be more of an uphill climb since I lost about a week of exercise due to my period (fatigue, back pain) and side effects from my allergy meds (increased back pain). I got back into the swing of things this week though and ran a 5k (on a treadmill! -first time!) by accident. How did that happen, you ask? Well, I figured out a new strategy to keep me going while running on the treadmill. When listening to music, I go slower during the verses, increase speed during the bridge, and full tilt during the chorus. When I was about ready to finish running, I noticed that I was only 3/4 of a kilometer from a full 5k. That was the first time I had run since the 5k and I actually beat my race time by about 5 minutes. My legs were dead afterwards but I was proud of myself for my accomplishments. I’m considering running 2 5ks a week leading up to vacation since I proved to myself that I can do it.

My current fitness strategy is to work out a certain area (e.g., arms, abs, legs) for about 10-15 minutes, then run 1-2 miles. My goal is to work out 4 times week. As far as diet goes, that’s still a work in progress haha.


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