We’re within 2 weeks of vacation so I decided that it was time to tighten up my health habits. Here are the primary changes:

  1. No beer until the trip. This will be challenging considering I live a stone’s throw from at least 20 breweries, including one I can see from my office window. Realistically, I’ll restrict it to one beer a week and it’ll be a light beer instead of my usual heavy stouts and porters.
  2. I’ve been tracking my calories through my FitBit. I discovered that for most of last week I’ve been eating way under my calories. Due to this info I’ve been trying to keep my calories more balanced. According to the FitBit I need to be eating about 1800 calories a day (calories in, not net). A few days I was just over 1200.
  3. Working out daily. Even if that just means taking a 30 minute walk on the treadmill after work. I tried to get back to running last week but was sidelined by my stupid shin splints. I modified my workouts by using the elliptical, which was somewhat helpful. The splints still bothered me today when I went running with DH. I made it literally 10 seconds in before I was in pain.  So instead of doing a ~3 mile run/walk, we walked almost 5 miles. I did a couple of brief jogs though to try and troubleshoot why I got shin splints again. I asked DH to watch me run and DH noticed that I ran with my feet pointed out (my natural stance), in addition to an issue with how my feet struck the pavement. My stride is much better when I sprint but in terms of running longer distances I still need to figure out how to fix my form.
  4. I’ve also been working on increasing my water intake. This weekend I drank about 72 ounces of water daily, which is about 60 ounces more than I’d normally get. It’s tough to get enough water during the week, especially since the water cooler is a good distance from my office and the bathroom is even further away. I’ll try to keep up the water intake though this week.
  5. Portion control! Besides the beer, this is where I get in trouble. We bought deeply discounted Easter candy but I’ve been measuring out my serving sizes. It feels weird but has increased my mindfulness when eating.

My goal is to lose about 5 pounds before our trip so hopefully these steps will get me close to that.


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