Days 1 and 2

Alright, to help myself stay accountable, I’m going to post about every 2 days for the next 2 weeks about my meals and challenges and all that fun stuff.

Day 1:

DH and I spent the afternoon meal prepping. I didn’t realize how exhausting it could be until I sat down after being on my feet for 2 hours. This week’s meals include tabbouleh, flat bread pizzas, and turkey burgers. Grocery shopping was challenging since we bought a lot more food, but we both agreed that the extra money we spent would be taken from what we budget for going out. Our monthly dining out/entertainment is on the high side so by shifting our budget we’ll a) go out less often, which is something we’ve been trying to do anyway; b) we’ll save money; and c) we’ll save calories. I don’t really have a set amount of calories to consume daily and I’m not super strict about what I eat. It’s more of a way to bounce back from vacation and continue working towards healthier habits (which in turn could help with infertility). The downside of going out less often is that we won’t see our friends as frequently, but I think we’re going to try and do more home-based activities like potlucks and game nights vs going out to bars. Going out less is also advantageous because if I get pregnant, it’d be less difficult to hide compared to going out a lot and suddenly stopping.

Anyway, yesterday. I mostly stuck to my meal plan, which included a sandwich with chips for lunch, the flatbread pizza, a granola bar for an afternoon snack, and Greek yogurt with granola for an evening snack. I slept poorly Saturday night so I ended up skipping breakfast and tried to round out my calories with the yogurt. I wound up just under my target amount of calories, which is fine because my biggest concern is eating too little. I went off my meal plan later in the afternoon because a friend invited us out for beers. At the bar, I ordered a light beer, which felt strange since I go for the stouts and porters. I kept it to one though and felt pretty good afterwards.

Day 2:

A bit more of a challenge. I returned to work today and was hoping that I would be able to stay full throughout the day. Breakfast included oatmeal and pork sausage and I had the tabbouleh with multigrain pita chips for lunch. Lunch was almost a mishap because when I packed my lunch last night I accidentally packed part of DH’s lunch. Luckily I was able to run home and swap out the containers. I made sweet and spicy nuts for a snack and later in the day caught wind that there was cake from one of my favorite bakeries in the office. I had a small piece, which was hard because there was a lot left over. Dinner will be flatbread pizza again and probably won’t do dessert since I had the cake.

Overall though, so far so good! I’ve lost half of the weight gained on vacation and I have about 15 pounds to go before I’m at my goal weight.



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