Days 3 and 4

I’m still struggling with eating enough calories.

Day 3:

Yesterday wasn’t too terrible calorie-wise. Meals included quinoa protein pancakes with pork sausage for breakfast, tabbouleh with pita chips for lunch, a handful of nuts for my afternoon snack, and baked salmon with veggies and quinoa for dinner.

I learned my lesson from the quinoa pancakes. In an effort to try and front-load my calories, I had 2 portions (4 pancakes). By the time I left for work 30 minutes later, it felt like I swallowed those little sponges that grow when you put them in water. I finally felt better around lunch time.

DH and I met up with friends last night for drinks after dinner. We hadn’t seen these particular friends in a while and once I was at the venue I realized how much I missed them. A good reminder not to be so strict about things. Anyway, I had about the equivalent for 3 glasses of wine and felt a bit tipsy. We went to a different restaurant later and even though I was feeling pretty hungry (remember: tipsy me = hungry me) I decided to wait until I got home. DH made chicken meatballs a few days ago so I had couple of those. All told, I went just over my calorie allotment.

Day 4:

I have been in a horrible mood for most of the week. Work has been a nightmare and I’m dealing with a sinus infection. The infection was raging pretty hard today in that my neck, ears, and eyes were all hurting pretty bad. Fatigue has been strong too. I’ve been getting sinus infections yearly after I moved up north but this plus work nonsense has me wiped.

As a result, I have not worked out this week so far. It’s fine though, because I can’t seem to eat enough. Starting to get a bit frustrated. Breakfast today was quinoa pancakes (2 this time) with sausage, lunch was the last of the tabbouleh with pita chips, and my snacks this afternoon were a handful of roasted nuts and a serving of wheat crackers. For dinner we had flatbread pizzas. Until an hour ago, I had barely cracked 1,000 calories for the day. I had a serving of baby carrots and homemade hummus, and styrofoam a rice cake with peanut butter for my evening snacks. I’m only at 1,500 calories for the day so I’ll probably have one more thing to eat since I’m still under by quite a bit. Tomorrow’s planned meals are a little heavier so hopefully I won’t need to scramble for calories at the end of the day.

As a side note, I’m back to my pre-vacation weight!


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