Days 5 and 6

So about not eating enough calories…

Day 5:

Breakfast was a homemade breakfast burrito (bell pepper, sausage, egg, a little mozzarella cheese, salsa, black beans, kale). It’s been a hellacious week at work and one of my coworkers surprised me with breakfast from a fast food place. My reaction was “awww…dammit.” I still ate it and felt a little wonky afterwards. I still had my packed lunch, which consisted of a homemade turkey burger with a little mayo and kale on a thin sandwich bun. We ate dinner out since the chicken we had planned to have with cauliflower rice wasn’t thawed yet. DH picked up sandwiches and probably needless to say, I went way over my calories for this day. Meh.

Day 6:

I thought I would try to right the ship today nutrition wise, but that didn’t work out. I had quinoa pancakes for breakfast and packed another turkey burger with the same fixings from yesterday. While at work, I found out that there would be pizza and cake for a coworker’s last day. I had both, but kept it to one slice of pizza and had a small piece of cookie cake. For .000000000012 of a second I felt a pang of guilt but my philosophy is that all food should be enjoyed with reasonable moderation. Anyway, it was good. When I got home, I wanted to go out as a way to wind down from a long week and DH was agreeable. We chose a jazz bar but the act we wanted to see was going on in 30 minutes and we hadn’t left home yet. I quickly ate my packed lunch then we headed over. There was no room at the regular bar so we sat at the oyster bar. DH was intrigued by the oysters and ordered some for us. I had 2 fried ones (I’ve had raw oysters and can’t deal with the texture). Our server gave us bread with butter and DH and I split the loaf. After my second cocktail I was still feeling hungry so I ordered a salad as a way to sorta redeem myself. It consisted of arugula with goat cheese and vegetables. I ate half because it was very overdressed. When I got home it felt like I had eaten quite a bit over the day. I thought about what workouts I could do in the morning to try get through the “blah” feeling I get when I eat too much. But my desire to sleep in won over.


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