The Grand Experiment

So, the 2(ish) weeks are up and this whole thing was pretty interesting. Here are my takeaways:

-Totally failed at not going out to eat for 2 weeks but when we did go out, I made better choices

-Calorie counting is a pain in the ass

-Planning meals 2 weeks at a time has been incredibly helpful and has saved time and money

-I was more mindful of my portions

-I have been getting fuller on less food

-I had a net loss of 3 pounds

-My water intake did not increase

-I’ve somewhat weaned myself off of coffee in favor of tea

-Calorie counting is a pain the ass

-I frequently don’t eat enough calories, but I’m more aware of the calorie content of many foods

-It’s gotten easier to turn down junk food at work

I doubt I’ll continue counting calories regularly (see above) but I will be eating more mindfully. Potentially in a week I’ll do it again for a few days to make sure I’m consuming enough calories.


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