Calm Before the Storm

DH and I had a much-needed staycation this weekend. We both had colds this week (I caught mine from him) and we had another tough work week. Plus I was feeling stressed about my HSG that’s scheduled for tomorrow. We stayed at my in-laws’ (they went out of town) and it was nice to slow down a bit and get a break from the city. We visited a friend in the area and thanks to my gregarious husband, made new friends.

Today was a little tough though. We took advantage of being near a paved trail but the humidity was stifling. We have less than 2 months until our next 5k and wanted to ramp up training. I don’t think I’ve run outside all summer and I could feel it. I ran intervals but it was challenging since it was tough to gauge my speed. Plus I was running with DH, who would periodically speed up. While running back to the house, my shins began hurting so I’ll probably take the next few days off from running to heal. I guess the one positive is that I haven’t had shin pain in months.

As far as the HSG goes, I’m nervous. And annoyed. Annoyed because someone I know announced her second pregnancy in the last 18 months (!) and I have to get this stupid thing done just to try and have 1 kid. I also have to take strong meds to hopefully prevent spasms in my tube like last time. Good thing DH and I both took tomorrow off. We’ll see how it goes but I’m really really really not looking forward to this.



Last weekend I came across Runner’s World and found an interesting running plan. DH and I have decided to do another 5k in September so I need to start training again. The plan consisted of walking briskly for 2 minutes, jogging lightly for 5 minutes, then alternating 10 minutes sprinting for 30 seconds then briskly walking for 90 seconds, with the idea of gradually increasing time sprinting and decrease time spent walking. What follows is a 2 minute casual walk to cool down. I got pretty excited and decided that I would try out the plan on Monday. That didn’t happen because I forgot I had to meet a friend after work. Tuesday was a no-go because I had to work late, but I finally got to do it on Wednesday. Running went very well, except my obnoxious neighbor came in and wanted to chat. In the middle of my work out. As I’m wearing headphones. I don’t know if he has poor situational awareness or just didn’t care that he was interrupting my workout (I think it’s more of the latter), but it was very distracting. However, after I brushed him off I was able to get back on track. What was kind of cool is that I had planned to take yesterday as a rest day. It was another stressful day at work and I had intended to come home and relax a bit with a glass of wine, but I instead walked for almost an hour while listening to a podcast. I kept my speed around 3 miles as to reduce injury risk. I’m hoping to start with running twice a week then increase it to 3 times. A friend invited me to go to spin class with her in a few weeks so I’m pretty excited for that.

So the exercise part of things are going well but nutrition suffered a bit this week. I started tracking my meals again and did well Monday and Tuesday, not so much Wednesday. Breakfast this week consisted of burritos (scrambled egg, black beans, turkey sausage, yogurt cheese, salsa) and lunch Monday-Wednesday was a salad. However, Wednesday some of the top brass at my job came to visit and pizza was provided. I had one piece in addition to my salad and later in the day, another coworker and I discussed the odds of there being more left. My coworker brought back a slice for me and initially I was going to save it for DH, but he’s on a FODMAP diet for the next week and a half. So I ate it but it helped that I ran later in the day. Lunch yesterday was a really delicious bowl that DH and I agreed will be added to our regular meal rotation. We were inspired by a Hawaiian restaurant that we went to last week. The bowl consisted of quinoa, grilled chicken, feta cheese, white bean beans, black beans, and a honey-coconut milk-sriracha sauce. I added a bit of Greek yogurt to help balance the heat. I planned to have another bowl for lunch today but we ended up ordering out at lunch. Dinner has been more of a mix since it was provided by my in-laws. We went to their house for dinner last weekend and they gave us a ton of food since they were leaving town for a while. We’ve had leftover chicken marsala, crab cakes, and planning to have cod this weekend. My weight has been off this week due to my period starting (yay) but I think I should be back on track next week.

Speaking of annoying things like my period, I scheduled my HSG for about a week from now. I took the day off because I anticipate being emotionally wiped like last time. We shall see. At least I was prescribed a stronger painkiller this time.


I finally had my follow up appointment with the doctor today. DH came with me. I was already in a bad mood because I didn’t see my doctor until almost 45 minutes after my appointment time. The doctor suggested that DH get genetic testing done since my results showed I was a carrier for a random-but-rare disease. Due to being a carrier for this particular disease, it puts me at a higher risk for colon cancer so the doctor suggested I follow up with the genetic counseling company to see if the risk is high enough that I should start getting colon cancer screenings. As far as DH goes, we may not get the genetic testing done since the odds of having a child with this disease is pretty remote.

Anyway, the doctor also went over my odds of getting pregnant. Without any medical intervention, it’s currently 3%. Typically it’s 20-30%. The doctor said one hormone level was too low (which I knew) but another was too high. Plus, my egg count is below what it should be for someone my age. Because my last HSG showed that my right tube was blocked, the doctor suggested that I get another one done to rule out whether the tube was actually blocked or if it spasmed the first time. I told the doctor that my saline sonogram showed no blockage but he said it may help to get another HSG. I am absolutely not looking forward to that. So when that is over, the next step (assuming my tube is fine) I’ll do another round of Clomid plus the IUI. With the IUI, during a specific point in my cycle I have to get a shot of the hormone HCG to trigger ovulation. DH and I have to have sex within a day of the trigger shot, otherwise we wouldn’t catch my ovulation window. No pressure.

I just wish I could get pregnant on my own.

So, the doctor said future steps could include IVF or egg transfer, at which DH and I are drawing the line. The whole consult was overwhelming, mostly due to knowing that my odds of getting pregnant naturally are only 3% and we’re getting closer to our last option, IUI.

I was still in a foul mood after the appointment so DH and I stopped for wine at a nearby grocery store. Coincidentally, we got into the same check out line as friends of ours who are both going through infertility treatment and we see the same doctor. I told them that I had just came from my appointment and one friend said she was excited to find out how it went.  I’m sure she missed our giant bottle of wine on the conveyor belt.