I finally had my follow up appointment with the doctor today. DH came with me. I was already in a bad mood because I didn’t see my doctor until almost 45 minutes after my appointment time. The doctor suggested that DH get genetic testing done since my results showed I was a carrier for a random-but-rare disease. Due to being a carrier for this particular disease, it puts me at a higher risk for colon cancer so the doctor suggested I follow up with the genetic counseling company to see if the risk is high enough that I should start getting colon cancer screenings. As far as DH goes, we may not get the genetic testing done since the odds of having a child with this disease is pretty remote.

Anyway, the doctor also went over my odds of getting pregnant. Without any medical intervention, it’s currently 3%. Typically it’s 20-30%. The doctor said one hormone level was too low (which I knew) but another was too high. Plus, my egg count is below what it should be for someone my age. Because my last HSG showed that my right tube was blocked, the doctor suggested that I get another one done to rule out whether the tube was actually blocked or if it spasmed the first time. I told the doctor that my saline sonogram showed no blockage but he said it may help to get another HSG. I am absolutely not looking forward to that. So when that is over, the next step (assuming my tube is fine) I’ll do another round of Clomid plus the IUI. With the IUI, during a specific point in my cycle I have to get a shot of the hormone HCG to trigger ovulation. DH and I have to have sex within a day of the trigger shot, otherwise we wouldn’t catch my ovulation window. No pressure.

I just wish I could get pregnant on my own.

So, the doctor said future steps could include IVF or egg transfer, at which DH and I are drawing the line. The whole consult was overwhelming, mostly due to knowing that my odds of getting pregnant naturally are only 3% and we’re getting closer to our last option, IUI.

I was still in a foul mood after the appointment so DH and I stopped for wine at a nearby grocery store. Coincidentally, we got into the same check out line as friends of ours who are both going through infertility treatment and we see the same doctor. I told them that I had just came from my appointment and one friend said she was excited to find out how it went.  I’m sure she missed our giant bottle of wine on the conveyor belt.


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