Best Laid Plans

Before New Years, Dear Husband and I decided that we would spread our social calendar out more evenly and I decided that I would commit to running more frequently.

It’s 17 days in and I’ve failed spectacularly on both fronts.

Let’s start with the running. I’m less than a month from my next race and I have run once in the last week. Part of that has been due to being drained from work, but also because I’ve been staying up way too late. It’s prime sports season in our house and there have been several late games on lately. On days without games, I think I stay up as a way to delay going to work the next day. Doesn’t make any sense but there’s something about feeling like I can delay the inevitable. During the week I get about 6 hours when I function best on 7 hours. Anyway, since the race is happening so soon I’ll focus more on my endurance versus speed. My endurance was okay last week but I’m hoping to improve it further by doing distance intervals instead of time intervals.

As far as our social calendar goes, DH and I had one weekend open this month and of course that’s the same weekend that a huge event is going on in our city. We still decided to keep the weekend to ourselves but now the weekdays are jam-packed. Tomorrow will be the first day in almost a week that both of us have a free night. Mind you, all the plans are great, especially since I’ve been catching up with old friends the last 2 days. However, I can’t remember the last time I was this busy for 5 consecutive days outside of being on vacation. There’s always next month to try and balance things a bit better.


Next Steps

It was quite a busy Christmas weekend for us. We went to my in-laws’ for Christmas Eve and spent Christmas day to ourselves. It was nice to have time alone with DH since we have been busier than expected the last few weeks. One of his gifts to me was a Fitbit. I was thinking about wearable technology the night before and almost told him that I wouldn’t be interested in getting things like that due to feeling too connected. Imagine my surprise when I saw my Fitbit. It still feels weird to be attached to something like this but it’s definitely given a lot of good information on things like my sleep. My period started on Saturday, and Sunday I had trouble sleeping due to cramps. According to my Fitbit I was restless 10 times and woke up once. And I walk way more than I realized.

Anyway, I have not worked out this week, which sucks. Monday we were still doing family holiday stuff with my in-laws, and Tuesday I had to go to work early to try to get caught up (I didn’t). DH and I went out with his cousin who was visiting from out of town Tuesday night and I got food poisoning. I got to work almost an hour late due to vomiting and wasn’t able to keep anything down until mid-afternoon. I almost went home early but it’s been very busy and I didn’t want to get further behind. I plan to get back into my routine in the next few days so I’m not totally off.

I’m back to baseline now but I didn’t feel ready to get back to the gym this morning. Plus, I finally got my blood work done to check my eggs and hormone levels. The clinic I went to was way nicer that the ones I’ve been to before, probably because it’s in a somewhat remote area and I went 30 minutes after they opened. I’ll call my doctor’s office today to see what the next step is, but hopefully we can get the ball rolling again soon.


And So it Begins…

Hi! The intent of this blog is to chronicle my journey to possibly becoming a mom, and to chronicle the other random stuff that happens in my life. This blog will be mostly anonymous, so some names and details will be changed up.

Here’s a bit of background:

I live in Florida. I met my husband, who will heretofore (what a fun word) be referred to as Dear Husband, or DH, while I was in graduate school in New England. We met online and have been married for almost 2 years. I’m originally from Florida and like typical New Englanders, his family retired down here. Naturally, and because I was over the 5 feet of snow every winter, we decided to move here.

It sucked leaving our awesome friends behind, but it was nice to be back home. Plus they visit. DH and I love our jobs and are looking to continue growing within our respective fields. We’re also looking forward to growing our little family. We have a cat whom is almost a year old that we adopted last year. Our journey to parenthood has been a little rough, which I will detail in a future post. We’ve been actively trying for about a year and no far it’s been a no go.

My hope is that my blog will give a little comfort to those struggling with fertility to see that they’re not alone. And I hope to make you laugh a little. So there ya go!